First Visit

Call us to set up your first visit.

(775) 827-1200

Our friendly staff is waiting to help your pain and get you on the road to recovery! Our unique approach is to look at the entire body and uncover the true source and cause of any pain or dysfunction. We take pride in our thorough examinations, and high level treatments.

What to Expect on your first visit?

  • We begin with a thorough discussion of your health history and any areas of you would like to address
  • Next we perform a thorough examination including: range of motion testing, orthopedic testing, gait analysis, muscle testing, functional movement testing, and more to determine the cause of your condition and to rule out any more severe ailments
  • If X-Rays are needed, we can take them on-site
  • We discuss your concerns and unwanted conditions
  • Treatment will be administered once the doctor has determined what will be most effective and safe to perform.

  • We have non-invasive therapies including electrical stimulation, ultrasound and cold laser if desired and indicated for your condition
  • Most importantly WE LISTEN! Because you know your body better than anyone!